Car Audio For All Circumstances

The car audio Austin in my old car was pretty ancient before I got a new stereo to replace it. It was still using a cassette tape player for everything. If I wanted to play a CD, or use an mp3 player, I had to use a special audio input device that fits into the tape player. At the time when I bought the car, this was an acceptable solution, but now it just looks like a sad way to modernize an old dinosaur.


The new solution to my car's audio problem features a method to play everything. It features the classic player for all of the old audio that I refuse to ditch, but that's not all.


It also has a 6 CD changer, and the ability to connect wirelessly to a phone or an mp3 player. It can also play movies, but I don't plan on using that while I'm driving. There are enough distractions on the road, and I don't need one in my car that will keep my eyes off the road.


With the new stereo came a new set of speakers to show it off. The thought of installing my own stereo and speakers frightened me at first, because I feared I would make a costly mistake, but I got over that fear and completed the installation.

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